Our Story

Of course, it starts with

“ONCE UPON A TIME”..........

Bob & Sherry had a vision of a fun place where the love of fantasies could come alive for young and old!

Bob grew up in Brooklyn, NY, careered and lived in NYC as an international businessman traveling the globe and accumulated a treasure trove of profound and diverse cultural experiences. Bob—a foodie—was inspired by a fantasy shop he discovered in the Netherlands. Always wanting to be in the food service business—with a different twist—he fortunately ran into Sherry (story to be told when we are successful...It’ll be in the book).

Sherry grew up in rural PA and always fantasied of being a mermaid, riding carousels while dreaming of fairies and purple unicorns. After spending 15 years in the spa and skin care industry, some of which in St.Croix, her zest for superior customer satisfaction sets the bar. Married and raising 2 children locally, Sherry makes the “Land of make believe reality today “ How you may ask ? Answer - You have to visit and see for yourself 🙂

Sherry harnessed Bob’s vision, re-imagined it in her mind and created an energy that exploded into a ditty that goes like this-

Nitro, a magic Unicorn, lived by the sea. But Bob and Sherry said “why should that be”So fairies and dragons and mermaids delight. On a journey to Hellertown for an eternity of nights.

Mystical Treatsss will be your haven for sweets unsurpassed So come one, come all to this NITROGEN BLAST!

Meet the Team


Sherry Warren

Founder, COO
She never stops thinking!


Bob Weill

Founder, CEO
A man with a plan!

Next Steps...