“We at Treatsss are committed to customer safety first. We have decided to remain closed during this time until further notice.
Please stay safe, and we will see you soon.”

nitrogen ice cream

We take pride in using high quality, premium ingredients. Because liquid nitrogen is so cold (-321 degrees), the milk particles stay very small without forming into ice crystals, creating an ultra smooth creamy texture without the brain freeze!

Artesinal Coffees

Experience a unique taste because the process of leaching flavor from the beans produces a profile different from conventional brewing methods.  Pull up a stool at our Artesinal Coffees and Magical Brews coffee bar and "chill" while your kids are playing or eating ice cream.  Remember coffee and friends make the perfect blend!

other treatsss

Need a fun gift?  Treatsss has it!  Need to have an event without the mess?  Treatsss can do it!  Want yummy hot chocolate to warm up in the colder months?  Treatsss has it!  Want to wow your family and friends at your event?  Treatsss On The Run can come to you!

Our Approach

A combination of contagious energy and laughter; the two are creating a small-themed gathering place, and a fun relaxed atmosphere in the Lehigh Valley...please give us all the feedback and guidance (we are extremely open). AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help us keep this light and fun for EVER EVER after.

For starters WHY TREATSSS?! - Bob slurrrrrrrrrrs, would you accept “CAUSE WE COULD?” or do you prefer a brainstorming night gone awry. Lol You decide, once you’ve experienced Mystical Treatsss!


Next Steps...